User Manual


Instructions for use multi - channel selling sales management software


Instructions for use the fanpage management software


How do I sign up for a trial of Abit software?

Abit is sales management software with many features Smart,convenient, easy to use best. In order to the help you experience all these features, we have provided 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL service. To register for a free trial, go to the page Click Free trial and follow the instructions to create an account.

Abitstore, Abitpos, Abitmes is different management software?

Are not ! Abit includes Abitstore, Abitpos, Abitmes, which are Modules in Abit sales management software, in the service package you buy.

How to pay for services for Abit?

Abit currently applies 2 forms of payment. Online payment right on the software (Online payment button inside the software) or Transfer payment to one of the accounts in the Contact section

Does Abit have a bill of lading management - COD ?

Abit has its own bill of lading management compared to shipping units, COD money reconciliation, independent REFUND to control cash flow, independent warehouse returns

Pushing orders from Abit to the shipping unit will incur additional charges?

ABSOLUTELY NO EXTRA SHIPPING FEES. Abit is not like other sales management software. Abit does not collect any additional fees, the order is pushed to the correct account of the shop of the shipping unit. The shop and the shipping unit still check with each other

The software is out of date 7 days, how do I renew it?

When you are past the expiry date by some days. If you renew today, Abit will calculate your expiry date from today, not from the previous expiration date

How many Fanpages can I manage?

Each shop registered on Abit by default can add up to 50 Fanpage from different Facebook accounts. In addition, you can add almost unlimited Fanpage you have by buying more number of Fanpage that can be added at the cheapest cost in the market. The next 100 Fanpages are only 40k/month

Can Abit manage Facebook Ads costs?

Abit currently supports connecting multiple Facebook Ads accounts, allowing to group ads and account campaigns into Ads tags to manage advertising costs / total product sales of a certain product line.